How come adults watch porn

Tyson had just slipped into college, wondering what his newly converging adolescence would bring to him. Watching the edited selfies of his school hotties, arousement was natural.

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All he could imagine of great romance was through some bad movie scenes. Yet this was not enough to let him explore his romances inside the depths of his minds. He scrolled over the internet, and found not one, but millions of pornography, he wanted to see every kind of story possible, the waiters, the bartenders, the school teachers, the sensuals, the homos, the bis, the mature, the kids, the teens, the oldies, the list would just not end, there was literally no end to the ways one could think of having sex.


His nuances did not stop, eventually getting into a real relationship with a real human being he realised one day that the process of making love or what he had always heard as sex was not so glorified in reality, it never had such stories to uncover, it was merely a dip in the ocean of love, and that too for such a small moment of time. One thing was certain, sex was over rated, it was glorified, this he had heard from every person who had experienced it, even movies talked of it. Sex merely was the easiest and most docile form of love. The experience through sex required the least emotions invested, the least hard work involved, the least complications, it was the easiest thing to do when two humans were together, yet every other way was more work intensive, more complicated for love to happen. Was this the reason sex was so glorified in society, and yet so covert, such a taboo.

The reality of sex was just so plain docile and boring that if it was not glorified it would never be a reason for two people to come together. Marriages wouldn't happen, couples wouldn't date, clubs wouldn't function, alcohol wouldn't be served, the movies wouldn't sell, the porn industry wouldn't flourish. The underlying experience behind sex was so shallow that if it wasn't kept for a taboo, half of the entire luxury of the world would fail at the ring of a bell.

Simply comparing porn to past time leisure or virtual ways to burn the libido is a very superficial way to look at it.

Underneath this whole porn industry is a very thin psychological framework, which has many layers before it's reality is uncovered. It needs great understanding about sex, ones own emotions like love and boredom to uncover the masks behind porn.

When Tyson experienced the reality of sex, porn was not needed anymore, it was just an illusion created by the money squeezers of this vast mess called society. Tyson had come to terms with reality, he was no more a ghulam of his mind and the frail emotions that surrounded it. He was further free in his experiences of life. His hungers were sorted, his desires vanished, his anxieties melted and his whole apparatus was at peace.

The story of Porn was over when real Sex entered.